alchemy small groups

al·​che·​my [al-kuh-mee], noun:

a power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way

Does this sound like you?

You’re aching for change.  You want to feel more in control of your life, of yourself, and of your trajectory.

You’re ready to do the hard work.  You’re willing to get out of your comfort zone and stretch yourself.

You don’t always want to be in the spotlight, and understand the value of doing this work alongside others.

I know you're ready for more.

I don’t know when I learned the word alchemy, but I do remember that I immediately fell in love with it.  

It means “a seemingly magical process of transformation“.  

That’s what it feels like I’ve gone through over the last 5 years.  Now, of course, it’s not magical.  It just seems that way.  But I know exactly how I did it.  And I want to teach you.

This small group experience is designed to teach you all my favorite tools and ideas, and help you apply what you learn so that YOU can create a life you love, too.

I’m calling it ALCHEMY.  Because it is.  

It’s transformation that seems magical.  But you’ll learn that it isn’t.  

What is alchemy small group coaching?

This life you have.  You are ready to transform it.  To turn it into something you love.  

This work is not for the faint of heart. 

You want to dig deep, create unconditional love for yourself, and turn your greatest challenges into your proudest achievements.

what will I learn?

I coach on any topic that arises in the group, but you will also be learning specific strategies, tools, and concepts that we will practice implementing together.  


We have all been raised by flawed humans doing their best.  Learn to be the parent to yourself that you wish you’d had.


Learn the power of being fully present in your body, through any emotional experience.


Grit is passion and perseverance to achieve long-term goals.  Learn how to balance grit with gentleness to prevent burnout.

the why behind your goals

Connect deeply with your values, your vision, and the motivation behind your goals.

releasing your blocks

Knowing what’s in the way of what you want is half the battle.  Together we will identify obstacles and create strategies to make your goals inevitable.

book study

During our 6 months together we will study and discuss 2 self development books, and apply the concepts.

December bonus!

Anyone who enrolls in the month of December will receive a special BONUS

A monthly, private 1:1 session just for you.  

That’s 6 sessions at a fraction of the cost that my 1:1 clients pay!

Have questions?

I’d love to hear about your goals and dreams, and what you’d like to accomplish in Alchemy.  I’ll answer all your questions in this private call.  There is absolutely no pressure to sign up, this is simply an opportunity to get to know each other and decide whether working together would be a good fit for each of us.

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ready to get started?

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