- Brooke Castillo

Ready to Bid Farewell
to "grumpy mom"?

Your life isn't a complete disaster, but it's not what you thought it would be.

Sometimes you might even feel guilty that you’re not happier.  After all, on paper, it’s all pretty great, right?  Married, beautiful kids, nothing majorly wrong.  But maybe your marriage is hard.  You’re yelling at your kids and frustrated all the time.  You struggle to start new habits or break old ones.  You feel a lack of purpose, even though you know raising children should feel important.  You want more.  

Maybe you feel like you're just skating by, in survival mode.

I know, you thought you’d have an amazing life.  You thought you’d have a joyous, fulfilling marriage.  You thought you’d be a fun mom who always knew how to handle whatever your kids threw at you.  You thought you’d feel peace about being a stay at home mom, or maybe you’d feel peace about pursing something you’re passionate about while you raise your kids.  

But that’s not how your life feels.  You keep trying to problem solve.  You set goals but struggle to reach them.  Maybe a new organizational system, or a new parenting or marriage book, or a new healthy meal plan will help you feel like you’re back on track?  But ultimately, you keep landing right back where you started: unhappy, burned out, and overwhelmed by what seems to be endless issues that need fixing.

I’m Riece.

I coach moms like you.

I want to tell you something.

Yep.  YOU. 


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I know a better way.
And I can show you.

The way it is isn't the way it has to stay.

I want you to know that nothing has gone wrong.  Actually, if you feel like all you can see looking around your life is PROBLEMS, it’s proof that your brain is functioning just as it’s supposed to.   In fact, for most of us, nearly all of our unhappiness is caused by a fundamental misunderstanding of how humans experience the world.   It’s a misunderstanding that most of us share, so it’s easy not to notice that it’s wrong.  But once you realize how it all really works… it can give you an emotional freedom like you’ve never imagined!

I know you’ve been trying to solve for the problems you see in your life but never feel like you make progress.  And I have great news: you were just directing your effort in the wrong direction.  

The tools I've learned as a life coach can change your life.

I can help you stop trying to control things that you can’t control: your children, your current finances, your husband, the messes, your job, your in-laws, and on and on.  I can show you the real power you already have over your happiness and fulfillment and how you can begin shifting things right away.