What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is having someone help you take a look at your mind, and helping you see how your thinking is creating your current life. After you gain that awareness, the next step is learning to change your life just by being more intentional with your thoughts.

Some things you can expect from our session:

  • We will help you get perspective on your present and ownership of your future.
  • We will help you see where you’re creating your suffering, and how you can stop when you’re ready
  • I can help you stop resisting your emotions and be more deliberate in how you show up in your life.
  • I can help you manage the discomfort as you create the life you want!

What you should NOT expect:

  • Life coaching is not a substitute for therapy, which focuses on your past or on treating problems with a diagnosis.
  • Life coaching is not a friend to commiserate with your suffering.
  • Life coaching is not a way to be happy all the time.
  • Life coaching is not a quick fix.

How do sessions work?

A free mini-session is a 20 minute session where we introduce ourselves, talk about the areas you’d like coaching on, discuss relevant tools, and even do some brief coaching. It is my goal that you always leave a mini-session with something you can implement to immediately begin seeing results in your life. Whether or not you want to hire me, a mini-session is more than a sales tool, it’s meant to be a valuable use of your time all on its own.

If you choose to continue coaching with me by purchasing a paid session package, then you will have six (6) 45 minute sessions scheduled either weekly or every other week. Each session is tailor made for YOU based on your needs and progress, and each will include coaching, teaching tools, and some brief homework between sessions.

All sessions take place over Zoom. Zoom is an app that is downloaded onto your preferred device (computer, tablet or smartphone), and it allows us to “meet” face-to-face in an online meeting room. Please make sure it is downloaded, installed, and ready to use before our session time.

Everyone Needs a Life Coach

Just like everyone needs a dentist, everyone needs a life coach. Your mental health and wellbeing are essential to living your best life. Investing in your mind can help you create more time, wealth, fulfillment, peace, and happiness. Even if I’m not the right fit for you, I hope some of what you learn here will inspire you to find a coach who is.

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